“Finale is… pretty big” — Homeland Tonight

Posted: December 15, 2013 in Homeland
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Intel direct from Carrie Mathison, as the Showtime series Homeland swerves its way to the season climax, reveals there are even more plot twists to come. Life can never be easy for people caught up in the complexities of covert life.

Clare Danes as Carrie MathisonAnd reliable sources indicate that the series will also lose two characters.

But first, here are two CBS TV videos which you may have missed that provide some extra insight into Carrie & Saul.

In a moment of self-evaluation, Clare Danes describes Carrie as “Impulsive but incredibly reliable….. and incredibly capable.” (Video from 12/11/13)

And Mandy Patinkin (sit through the first few seconds of this video from 10/23/13) revealed this little bit of insider info: he doesn’t want to know what’s happening with Saul from the writers ahead of time.

As for the departing characters, no not any info on Brody himself, but it is close to home. His home. Michael Ausiello over at TVLine had an exclusive (12/13/13) reporting that “Morena Baccarin {Jessica} and Morgan Saylor {Dana} will not be back as series regulars in Season 4.” The door is left open for returning guest shots.

But as Brody’s home life mirrors the aftermath of an explosion, there isn’t much more to explore there. According to the comments section at TVLine, most people feel the collateral damage is long overdue:

They were already a totally pointless waste of time this season. What was the point of them even coming back for more stupid Dana?”

To refer back to my opening paragraph about complexities of covert life, there was an interesting  NY Times interview (12/13/13) with Danes about when the Homeland cast had a meet/greet/sit down with the folks from Langley. 

“There was one long table that said ‘Homeland’ facing another long table that said ‘C.I.A.,’ and we all stared at each other, and neither of us could really speak about what we were doing.”

As for whether Carrie can get Brody out of danger, or whether Saul helps with the extraction, and does Carrie’s pregnancy become an issue, that’s all classified until tonight. And then discussed tomorrow.


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