Lewis Speaks Out About Brody – Homeland

Posted: December 18, 2013 in Homeland
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Candace: “Oh gak, I cannot believe the hand wringing going on, and I don’t believe that Homeland will be successful in a 4th season.

Homeland, Homeland, Homeland. That is fairly much all people have wanted to discuss over the past two days. They hate the producers & writers for (really do I have to say this— SPOILER ALERT) Brody’s death.

Or people are praising the writers for killing off a main character, or acknowledging that as a character Brody had run his course (sounds a bit like agency thinking there).

Damian LewisBut what about Brody, or rather actor Damian Lewis? When did he know? Did he have to be a carrier of secrets in real life?

I’ve known for the better part of the year and it’s been a difficult secret to keep. Only my wife knew. I couldn’t afford to tell anybody,” reveals Lewis in a New York Times interview (12/16/13).

Interesting revelations in this interview about filming the final scene and the cast saying their good-byes. It’s here for you to declassify.

Linda: The show should end on this high. Anything after this level of intensity will seem like an afterthought and could easily lapse into a soap opera.

What do you think?

  1. I found almost no tension in series 3 after series 2 was so wonderful. But there were wildly different reasons for hating series 3, which I have just blogged on. As for Brodie’s death, I don’t know what further story they could have written about him.

    • brushpass says:

      Brody was, as is said in the spy biz, expendable. In the context of this genre of programming, there was not much left to do with the character. The mission could just as well have been marked as a suicide one from the point that Saul designed it. That’s the way I always read it.

      • In season 1 and 2, there was always the question could you trust Brodie, and the reason it was so uncertain is that he didn’t know himself. He was always trying to do the right thing. Also how was Carrie’s working with him affected by her attraction. That nightmarish finale to s1 where she had worked it out, and everyone thought she was insane was brilliant. If now we get bad guy stands up, CIA knocks him down, it will be a completely different series, no better, say, than “Marvel’s Agents of Shield”. After serious adult drama, it will be a travesty.

      • brushpass says:

        Agree. Bad guy stands up/good guy knocks him down is not what Homeland should be about, that scenario is better left to crime dramas. I expect deception out of the covert genre. I expect to see, as someone has already said, good guys that aren’t all good and bad guys that aren’t all bad. I don’t just want to be entertained (a comedy will do as well), I want to be swept into a world I’ve seen before but where up is now down and down is sideways. Pushing a character to insanity fits the bill. Making her a bureau chief doesn’t. As for the Agent’s of Shield, that’s an upcoming blog.

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