Ziva David Scenarios – NCIS

Posted: December 19, 2013 in NCIS
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“The greatest thing about this last episode {NCIS 10/1/13} is that Ziva doesn’t die. As long as a character doesn’t die, the character can always come back” Cote de Pablo to TV Guide, 9/24/13

(photo courtesy CBS TV)

(photo courtesy CBS TV)

What is the opposite of an exit strategy? An entrance strategy? Doesn’t have the same kick. But then attach the name Cote de Pablo and you get all the kick you need. And while most fans lament her “sudden” departure from NCIS, there are people offering up ways for everyone to save face (depending on how you read the intel, she walked out or CBS would not pay her a fair wage, or, or….).

For example, The Latin Times (11/20/13) came up with 4 ways to ease Ziva David back into the series.

Another suggestion being tossed around some comments sections is that Ziva could return as the new Director of Mossad. A recurring role similar to Eli David. Might be stretching things, but what do you think?


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