The End Before The End – Nikita

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Nikita
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Ending the season on a low note is better than a happy ending, at least that’s how I feel when it comes to the standard type of espionage, you don”t know who you can trust type of shows. Really, we watch week after week, looking for the trap door, only to be ecstatic when hit by the swinging tree branch we never saw coming. A totally happy ending sounds wrong. To that “end” I would have been content to close the book on Nikita last week.

NikitaThey stopped WW3 from starting, saved a bunch of folks including the president, caught the nasty bad guy and believed the nasty, nasty Amanda was toasted in a missile attack. A pseudo happy ending. But we knew she wasn’t dead. We knew MDK was not stopped.

End Nikita here and it leaves us to write our own future for the characters.

In reality though, there are actually two more episodes of action and deception. And speaking of deception, check out this clip for Friday if you haven’t see it.

Friday’s episode is titled “Bubble” but it could also be called Thelma & Louise Reboot, as Nikita and Alex devise a measure of revenge on their enemies.

And the final episode of this series, set for 12/27/13 is titled “Canceled.”


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