Firestorm At CBS – NCIS / Ziva

Posted: December 22, 2013 in NCIS
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What a dozen enemies of the State of Israel could not accomplish in neutralizing Mossad operative Ziva David, some pencil-neck geeks (as Freddie Blassie of Pro Wrestling fame used to say) easily managed. The character was written off NCIS this season. Ziva turned her back on the team and went home. Or perhaps not so easily as fans of the character have expressed increasing dissent with the action.

Cote de PabloHolding to the fact that actress Cote de Pablo would not have pulled out of the show without provocation, and that the exit storyline was contradictory to the spirit of the character, there are multiple twitter accounts (@OpBBC_Official) and websites ( rallying the troops to convince CBS and NCIS producers to see the error of their ways.

For those of you wanting more insight, I was trying to find someone who blogged the essence of fan despair and intelligently articulated a time-line of the story as well. Enter Sammy, the 40-something fan-girl, with a good job, friends and does not live in her parents basement.

Ziva was unlike any other character I have seen in my 40-something years of television addiction. She was sassy, mind numbingly pretty, and she certainly didn’t censor her opinions…”

…every single one of us has learned a thing or two during our brush with Ziva David. We learned to be better. We learned, to borrow Tennyson’s words, ‘to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield’. We learned that family is more than DNA…”

She would never just run away without even saying goodbye. And that, essentially, is the reason why I suddenly find myself engulfed in fannish activism and fighting hard to get her back on my once-favorite show: because this cheap cop-out of attempted ‘closure’ was not an appropriate end, not for this character and certainly not for her emotional relationship with the rest of the team. We expected more from Ziva. No, wait – we expected more *for* Ziva.

The blog is a bit long; but it’s all good. She needed to explain about herself as deep background to justify her points about Ziva. It’s worth the read, as well as the ever present comments section. 

As for my opinion? Next blog. This one belongs to Sammy.


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