New Year’s Advice to Ziva Lovers and Haters: Minimize Collateral Damage

Posted: December 30, 2013 in NCIS
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Saving a fallen show from the back-stabbing of a pre-mature cancellation is a “rescort” mission with low success stats. But it’s been done. Doing it for one character, in this case Ziva David from NCIS, is an altogether different mission. I am hard-pressed to recall any campaign the likes of which I’m now seeing from both sides of the war table.

Cbs-logoThe swirl of he said/she said continues to cloud the issue like a gas grenade (Cote de Pablo says it is a personal issue, CBS says they offered her more money, other sources say there was an offer but it wasn’t equivalent to what other cast members were drawing); fans are flocking to social media to show their disdain.

Despite the negative press for CBS, it is also publicity for NCIS from whence Ziva toiled for 8 seasons. The buzz is, what kind of great show is this that makes viewers split ranks where one side volunteers for a statistical suicide mission to get the character back on the show?

But it is beginning to shift from a friendly fan issue to something less pleasant. You don’t even have to use keywords on Twitter. Just look at the venom in the comments section of this unsatisfying article (I have always despised practical joke feature stories disguised as news articles. Do it in a column. Do it in a personal blog. Do it as an editorial.)

Some New Year’s strategy I would give, if asked to minimize collateral damage.

1- Abstain from attacking people. IF you get de Pablo back, elements of the pro Ziva forces are burning bridges (with co-workers and CBS personnel) that she needs in good shape to cross. Especially, lay off the new girl. It is just a job for her. Ever been hired at a new job only to suffer abuse from co-workers because you replaced popular John or Mary who got fired? How did that feel?

2- Abstain from attacking people. Whenever this is over, Ziva haters will have to welcome back the other side if you want to keep NCIS on the air (see item #3). What was it that President Lincoln said about a house divided?

3- Do both sides seriously believe the opposition doesn’t have intel on all this? They can smell the blood. It would not take the appearance of a Norse God to escalate the ratings of Agents of Shield. Marvel has an entire battalion that could be drafted for duty on AOS. AND…What if they offered Cote a guest role as a super-powered hero or villain? Or even as a recurring agent of Hydra? Then what? Both sides lose.

4- As I have yet to see printed that Cote de Pablo really DOES or DOES NOT wish to return to NCIS, I will stick with what my recon indicates…. CBS wants to launch a successful NCIS spin-off. Bring her back for that. It’s a win-win, everybody saves face. And sponsors go into battle loaded with a show featuring a known character, with a known fan base.

  1. Cote Fan says:

    This is kind of one sided advice here. How about advising those against Ziva to leave us alone to our own fight? What’s their stake in this?? They got what they wanted! How in the world is there two sides to this issue involving fans against fans? And, how about advising them to stop attacking people? THEY are responding to US. THEY are accusing US. We are constantly on the defense, trying to defend against these perpetuating phantom myths of attacking Emily W or the cast/crew or other fans. And here you are spreading these myths as if they’re truth. Come on.

    • brushpass says:

      No offense but did you read my bullet points? Or the headline? #1 was a suggestion to the pro Ziva forces. #2 was the same advice to the anti Ziva forces, with the addition of the Lincoln reference. I was advising both sides to play nice. That no issue is black and white. There are always shades of grey. And the end result could be that nobody is happy.

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