Tom Two-face? – The Blacklist

Posted: January 4, 2014 in The Blacklist
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Are you telling me, like what? You think I murdered a KGB defector. Like I’m Bond. Tom Bond and I just between Social Studies and recess I go around assassinating people.— Tom Keen

Tom KTom Keen

Waiting, watching, wondering may soon be over as The Blacklist returns to NBC 1/13/14 but will there be answers to the “who/what is Tom” mystery that’s become an interesting 2nd story?

By day a school teacher but when his wife is away on FBI business, what exactly does Tom Keen do? Why does Red warn Lizzie about Tom? And who are the people spying on their house?

Actor Ryan Eggold originally hadn’t said much about his character because The Blacklist writers were tight-lipped. But in Nov. recent interviews he let on some things that were previews of things to come.

I found this most interesting. His comments about the scene when Tom and Red met for the first time:

“I’ll say this about the scene—It’s a short scene, but it was one of the harder scenes I’ve done for the show, if not the hardest, only because both James and I are kind of playing two people at once, and playing two things at once, two possibilities at once. So there’s a very fine line to walk and to find. It was a lot of fun.”

That certainly opens the door to some dark alleys to travel for additional deep background. And IF Tom is a spook, is he good or bad? Just because Red doesn’t like him, doesn’t mean Tom’s trying to topple western civilization.

Another good interview with Eggold which will keep you warmed up until next week’s return episode of The Blacklist can be found in this item from the Huffington Post.

And in case you missed the news, The Blacklist was picked up for another 22 episodes by NBC.

(photo: original Michael Parmelee/NBC and horizontal flip)


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