One Million Fish March – NCIS

Posted: January 5, 2014 in NCIS
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Goldfish crackers. Better stock up on them; there may be a shortage soon. No not some nefarious plot by Smersh, Thrush, or Hydra. This is a brilliant plan by the pro Ziva supporters to hammer CBS with the force of a tidal wave of fan distress against the business as usual Cote de Pablo / Ziva David mess on NCIS.

Goldfish-CrackersWelcome to Project #Count2aMillion

The goal is to send one million fish to CBS. Not real fish, mind you. Don’t send real fish. But origami fish, pictures of fish. And of course goldfish crackers. Why? Got you hooked…..

In conversations with some fans as I tried to educate myself, I questioned de Pablo’s contract negotiations, I suggested an effort be directed towards sponsors (such as the Chuck campaign), and I wondered when CBS would make the same flub that politicians make when they get in a corner. And CBS did.

Matt Webb Mitovich (TV/Line) had a little fish of an item, on the surface almost a throw away bit about a 2nd goldfish that Tony mentioned he had just gotten:

If you’ve got Kate on one side of the bowl, it’s only logical who’s on the other side…,” show boss Gary Glasberg teases. “You can guess what the other goldfish’s name is.”

Turns out it is a killer whale of an idea. And a massive insult to fans of a character that is not dead to them.

Little Sammy reeled it in and let it loose in a campaign mirroring recent ones where the fans of Jericho flooded CBS (is there a pattern here) with nuts, and Rosewell got two more seasons from UPN with Tabasco.

Do you know any kids, maybe? Your own, nieces, nephews, or your neighbor’s kids? Why not have them draw some fishies for you that you can send to CBS? Paint fishes. Cut fishes out of cardboard. Quill fishes or quilt fishes or crochet fishes. Get these shaped hole punchers and send CBS fish confetti! But above all, have fun with this. Because that’s what this whole thing should be about: the joy that Ziva brought to us while she was still on the show, and the joy we will feel once we get her back. And while there’s still a lot of hard, patient work ahead of us, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun on the way, right? 😉 ”

The website has more directions & suggestions, including addresses to mail your goldfish.

Oh and CBS? When this is all over and done with, no matter how it turns out, consider donating all the sealed bags of Goldfish crackers to military families or elementary schools serving military kids. It will help alleviate the smell of the situation.

  1. Cote Fan says:

    Excellent play on words!! Love the support!

  2. Milton Wedman says:

    I will do it…crazy GG should learn to say NOTHING….He is inept !

  3. These so called fans need to seek Psychiatric help and fast. This constant Harrassment of the cast and crew on social media and the official sites are no longer funny and personally I think legal action should be taken.

    • Cote Fan says:

      Oh? What legal action would that be? Is a fan campaign a new concept for you?

      • Take the fucking attitude and shove it…The constant harrassment of your Psychotic friends sending hate mail, and harrassing email and tweets and threats to the cast and crew is beyond inappriate. It is harrassment.

      • brushpass says:

        I respect the right of every person to speak their mind. That is a tenent of shades of gray thinking. On the other hand understand that it is a privilege to express those opinions on any one specific mode of communication be it morse code on a wireless or comments section on a blog. Next time you or anyone from either side feels so inadequate and unsure of their opinions that they have to sink to using profanity, I will not run the comment. And to be clear, that goes for both sides. No favoritism on that issue.

      • Have you been to almost every social media outlet? They have perpetuated so much hatred and so much vile towards the cast and crew that is is extremely unhealthy.

  4. Barb says:

    You have been to every other social media outlet to spew your vile hatred against Ziva/Cote & her fans. Your picture does not match the name you use on other sites. You claim that we send hatred & threats to cast & crew members but when asked to supply proof none has been forthcoming. We as a group do not operate like that. We love the entire cast & crew and would never suggest that Ziva needs to be killed off immediately as one of your group suggested on another site, or that Cote is a whore & slut. Don’t try to tell me who the vicious harpies are in this game honey, they are you..

    • brushpass says:

      This was approved to fairly give everyone their say because I said I wasn’t going to censor anyone. But you pro and anti Ziva folks just don’t get it. I am not interested in lazy writers/commenters. Maybe that’s good enough for other sites. They let you bash each other with verbal baseball bats. Not here and if you don’t want to write or follow, fine. Less Christmas cards for me to send out next year. When you’ve been in situations where people’s lives are on the line, you gain a respect for verified intel. No more unfounded statements. “suggest that Ziva needs to be killed off immediately as one of your group suggested on another site”— what’s the URL? “Cote is a whore & slut”— what’s the URL? I have another comment I am not running for a similar unattributed statement claiming “Tiva fans wish harm, or death on Michael’s unborn child, or Sean’s toddler nephew” — what’s the URL? No substantiation, no posting.

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