Funeral for Ziva David? – NCIS

Posted: January 18, 2014 in NCIS
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Far from being dead, more like a displaced ghost, Ziva David haunts social media. Quite possibly thousands of words are spent like shell casings about her displacement from NCIS on Twitter every day. TIVA (Tony & Ziva) pictures flood Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and blogs. And then there are videos such as this one.

I held off on running the video until gauging initial reaction. I could see it favoring each side of the Ziva battle. Smedegaard3105, an 18 year old from Denmark, created it as an homage to Ziva. Most will see it that way, but not everyone….

One tweet: Beautiful transition/ I thought it showed a Ziva with no hope, one the antis would like to see.

Another responded: Oh, well, a matter of perspective I suppose. I thought it showed saying goodbye to the killer in her.

What do you think?

  1. Marysue says:

    I think it describes Ziva perfectly. She always wanted to be somebody or something different. She came to NCIS as a cocky youngster but felt the guilt from killing Ari right through those 8 years. After her captivity in Somalia she became far less aggressive because she started to understand the pain those threats and beatings she dealt caused to others. She said it all in Episode 2 of Season 11 “For every man I’ve killed, there is someone out there crying for him.”

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