Shawn Gets a Do Over- Psych

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Psych plans to pysch you out tonight on USA Network. In a plan any espionage agent would envy, those pro bono, Sonny Bono commercials we’ve been fed over the past week are a slight distraction for a highly unusual episode or re-episode. Regular viewers will be hit with one big deja vu. Within a few minutes of “Cloudy … With a Chance of Improvement” you will fall back to 2006 episode called “Cloudy … With a Chance of Murder.”

PsychSeems the writer of the original episode, Andy Berman, felt a little restrained. So a word or two in the right ears and he gets the chance to rewrite the story. One main guest character returns but the rest of the guest roles are played by familiar faces. It is essentially the same episode and season environment, such as Lassiter neither likes nor trusts Shawn.

Berman told Zap-2-It “We were under a lot of restraints in our first season, with where the characters were and how much hijinks we could get into, how goofy the characters could get, and I think it suffered a little because of that,” says Berman. “We weren’t able to put a lot of the really, really goofy stuff in.”

Now they can.

But to keep this really covert and entertaining, the “bad guy” is not the same one as in 2006. The mystery is still there.

I recall a 1997 episode of Diagnosis Murder that did a follow-up on a 1973 Mannix case bringing back the same actors. That focused on the case 24 years later. This Psych episode is the schoolyard cry of “do over” and what better show to mess with your mind than Psych.


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