The 411 on 0-8-4 – Agents of Shield

Posted: January 24, 2014 in Marvel's Agents of Shield
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Decimation of an entire village. Slaughter of a bunch of secret agents. And the only survivor being a blood-covered 0-8-4 anomaly. Fairly dark stuff for Agents of Shield. Looks like Marvel and ABC are gearing up in an attempt to kick butt against NCIS at CBS.

ABC photoWhat’s a “0-8-4” you ask? Something very powerful. Like Thor’s hammer. Like maybe a super being. And it could be our little Skye, a character that has been kicked around chat rooms and comments sections by fans charmed by her attitude or bored by her whining.

In fact the chatter is already steaming up. Is she an Asgardian? How about a Kree? Or perhaps more earthbound— Jessica Drew with that tainted, radioactive …. spider blood?

The butt-kicking Ziva David is gone from the 8pm Tuesday slot. Maybe the void can be filled by Melinda, the Cavalry and Skye, the super what’s-it.?


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