No Joke: There May Be Spies In Your Home

Posted: January 26, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Frank, Frank, how many times have I told you that you cannot trust the system. I told you when you’re in the system, they switch the flip and you’re done. Man, satellites, cellphones, chips, net, the web, the dentist.” Marvin Boggs in RED

Laughable as Marvin’s rant about government intrusion might be to some people, he actually was conservative in his scope on the intruders. As Maxwell Smart might say “would you believe… hackers are using household appliances to spy on you?” No? Then you better check your TV, kitchen items, baby monitor, and believe it or not medical devices.

This intel just surfaced. SoshiTech – Social Media Technology ran a story “4 Household Appliances That Are Probably Spying on You Right Now” late last year. It detailed how to arm yourself with knowledge of which items in your home are most vulnerable. I know this sounds like The Machine gone horribly wrong on Person of Interest. But it is real.

Home HackWhat spies, real and imaginary, used to do to vet a government worker, the creepy guy on the next street can also do to you.

Author Tracey Thomson weaves a frightening revelation that declares you are not safe in your own home. And when that article is over, there is a list of equally scary related articles.

Read the article for full details, including how to protect yourself, but here is a brief look at danger zones in your home:

TV: Hackers could go through Internet connections of a certain brand of TV to access your user settings, change them, and collect personal data.

Appliances: Manufacturers now connect kitchen appliances to the Internet. Claim this helps troubleshoot problems without having to send out a technician. But a hacker can tap into usage schedules to know when you are not home.

Baby Monitor: A two-year-old girl’s baby monitor was hacked by a stranger. The monitor had been connected to the house wireless service. Someone watching your kid— the creepy factor at infinity plus infinity.

Medical Device: Electronic medical devices have internet connectivity so medical companies can monitor them from distant locations. Think insulin pump or pacemaker. Red Reddington on The Blacklist could kill people long distance. Except that it’s not a fictional plot line. It is real.

Precautions are warranted The old days when spying was usually reserved for stealing government secrets is gone. The individual is under attack from government scrutiny and malicious hackers.

Marvin’s rant doesn’t sound so funny now.


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