Relentless Roller Coaster Ride – Intelligence

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Intelligence, Marvel's Agents of Shield
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Change Is Not Always Progress” – character Jeffrey Tetazoo, Head of the CIA

Waiting for Agents of Shield to develop the proper explosive mix of secret agent convoluted storyline with sci fi/fantasy/supers? Drop your backsides on the couch and watch Intelligence, the new CBS entry on Mondays at 10pm eastern time.

Intelligence courtesy CBSLead character is Gabriel Vaughn. He is a former military hero who happens to have the right stuff to benefit from an ultra-secret project. “Clockwork” connects him to the information superhighway directly through a chip implanted into his human brain. He is no cyborg. He is human.

Langley, Angel’s Bluff, 1600 — terms that swirl around the 4th episode and the turning point for me. The first three editions were standard fair, pretty much like AoS. But unlike Coulson and company, waiting has paid off. “Secrets of the Secret Service” was a fast paced, roller coaster ride with more than its share of covert misdirections, even to the last few minutes.

American journalists arrested as spies, being tortured in Syria. There is a rescue mission. There are collateral innocents on the ground. Delicate peace talks. And they even gave us a strong former president who played nicely into the story-line.

I don’t want to give too much away as you can still catch it on

Ratings started high but have since fallen. It’s up against The Blacklist and Castle. CBS should move it to another night; my choice Sunday after The Mentalist. Following a bunch of comedies on Monday is a deadly lead-in.

I will admit Intelligence was not on my watch list. Thought it was just the next coming of $6 Million Dollar Man. But there is something here. There is the tech. There is the action. There is character development. And there is the ambiguity of the layered thinking, parallel processing that cloaks the covert world. It is all laid out for you when the heads of the CIA, the U.S. Cyber Command and the Director of National Intelligence cross swords at the end of the episode with a warning never really voiced about bionic agents Steve Austin or Jaimie Sommers.

What Agents of Shield has failed to deliver, this program has— with Intelligence.


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