Building A Cast – NCIS New Orleans

Posted: February 3, 2014 in NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles
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The fact that one can still be surprised, means that life yet holds mysteries to be solved. Today’s multiple news blasts about NCIS New Orleans bode well for the program that I thought was going to be dead in the water at launch.

Creative CommonsScott Bakula (fondly remembered from Quantum Leap and Star Trek: Enterprise) has landed the role of NCIS Special Agent Pride (read the role as a guy with “warmth, passion, strength and humor.”)

CCH Pounder (strong performances on Sons of Anarchy and The Shield) will fill the shoes of the eccentric but smart Medical Examiner Dr. Wade.

Zoe McLellan (oddly recalled from JAG) as Special Agent Brody, a Midwesterner looking for a new home to hide or recover from something in her past.

I say oddly, as commenters while applauding the other two choices, delved into the irritation factor of having performers within the same “universe” playing different roles (remember, NCIS spawned off of JAG, and in fact a recent episode of NCIS featured a former JAG character).

The other oddity is we just lost an agent Brody on Homeland. Couldn’t they come up with another name?

One more cast member wanted: a former Louisiana Sheriff’s deputy named LaSalle. Read him as muscular, devilish, and charming.

Sounds a little like like Tony Dinozzo. They want a clone, but they won’t give him his own command.


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